There are several space craft of interest.

The main protagonist is the orb spaceship, a huge behemoth being able to transform stars and replicate itself from the star's energy. Orbs - excluding the first version - are constructed around coated stars. The star can be considered the core and energy supply for the whole craft. The first orb was built to eradicate galaxies impossible to capture with alternatives.

Orbs can sent out constructors, which are released with a massive beam transforming a star. These constructors are able to construct shells around transformed stars and then new orbs around the coated stars.

Infiltration vessels were developed by a modified version of the orb program. They are very small and are able to quickly dock at other orbs. Their included teleporter is able to transport infiltration orbs through an orb hull and inside.

Interceptors were built by the defending species and sent to stop the very first orb. Their role was to reach the orb before it could destroy their sun. They carry a program designed to manipulate the orb's artifical intelligence.

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