Most zones are ruled by a construct. A construct can be damaged and healed in order to capture it.

Constructs play a major role in the world of Orbs. Ruling a construct grants score. Being the ruler of the construct grants access to it's inventory.

A construct has stats just like orbs. A ruler can spend charge to raise those stats.

Charge can also be used to upgrade the construct to the next grade. When raising charge to a certain level a new construct grade unlocks addtional effects. Here is a list of all effects a construct can gain:

  • Grade 1: The construct gains the ability to use a special effect respective to it's theme
  • Grade 2: The construct gains the ability to activate non-consumable modules stored in it's inventory
  • Grade 3: This grade allows the ruler to construct a themed orb from the arsenal
  • Grade 4: The construct posses a guadian orb that you can spend charge on. It can also be loaded with modules
  • Grade 5: The construct gains the ability to construct modules over time
  • Grade 6: The construct attempts to produce enigma
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