The user interface can be described in areas:


This area is called 'Communication and Command'. You can read communication between you and your command or operating system here. When there is no ongoing communication, your current command is being displayed. It shows you what you need to do next. This area can be toggled off and on by pressing the F1 key.


This area is called 'Stats'. It shows all your stats. When you have sufficient charge some of them can be increased by clicking the plus icon. This area can be toggled off and on by pressing the F2 key.


This area is called 'Zone Control and Inventory'. Here you can see an overview of the current zone's status. It displays the construct's health, the zone control and contamination. When in the Home Zone your inventory is being displayed. Constructs also have an inventory and it will be shown whenever you get close to one. This area can be toggled off and on by pressing the F3 key.


This area is called 'Loaded Modules'. This is a list of all your currently loaded modules. You can change levels, assign hotkeys, unload or destroy modules from here. This area can be toggled off and on by pressing the F4 key.


This area is called 'Looted Module'. This simply displays your looted module. Pressing the tab key will load it.


This area is called 'Menu'. You can find 3 buttons here, Settings, Benefits and Map. The Settings button brings up the settings screen where you can alter your preferences. The Benefits button brings up the benefits screen where you can see an overview of those. The Map button displays a map of the level you are on.


This area is called 'Map and Navigation'. When having a Map module loaded, you are able to see a map of your current zone. You can also hover over the map to display possible navigation destinations. Clicking those will guide you to your selection.


This area is called 'Help'. Whenever the game detects that you might need some help, a help message is being displayed. This behaviour can be disabled in the settings.


This area is called 'Alerts'. Only important messages will be displayed here, telling you that something happened you should pay attention to.


This area is called 'Status'. A simple info panel that shows the current hull, energy and heat.

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