Players can gain benefits. Benefits add a certain effect. A benefit is acquired by achievements and zone control. The total benefit count is achievement count multiplicated with the zone control count.

Here is a list of all possible benefits:

  • Defense: decreases damage taken
  • Exploration: increases maximum speed
  • Dark Matter: improves dark matter themed module strength, duration, radius and delay
  • Dark Energy: increases dark energy regeneration
  • Darkness: adds light drain on collisions
  • Influence: increases influence gain
  • Cooling: increases cooling themed module radius
  • Utility: increases drop chance and system impairment resistance
  • Gravitation: increases acceleration drain resistance
  • Research: improves construct upgrade charge transfer
  • Hull: improves hull generation
  • Healing: increases healing done
  • Energy: improves energy regeneration
  • Balance: decreases battery stress
  • Heat: decreases heat themes module delay
  • Consumption: increases consumable module strength
  • Offense: increases damage dealt
  • Might: improves score
  • Destruction: increases damage on destructibles and orb systems
  • Interconnection: increases supportive module duration
  • Charge: increases charge gained
  • Light: decreases light consumption
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