An affiliation has a major effect on an orb. An orb can change it's affiliation by opening the respective monitor page. To change to the theme affiliation, you need to go to a zone of that theme and be controller of it. When both prerequisites are met, the page will show a button for you to change the current orb's affiliation.

Here is a list of all affiliation effects:

  • Charge: doubles outgoing charge strength
  • Light: halves negative light regeneration and doubles positive light regeneration
  • Darkness: doubles strength of outgoing light drains
  • Influence: halves incoming influence factor strength and doubles outgoing influence factor strength
  • Healing: halves negative hull regeneration and doubles positive hull regeneration
  • Hull: doubles maximum hull
  • Heat: halves incoming heat strength and doubles outgoing heat strength
  • Gravitation: doubles acceleration
  • Dark Matter: halves incoming dark matter strength and doubles outgoing dark matter strength
  • Dark Energy: halves enigma consumption to produce dark energy
  • Offense: doubles incoming and outgoing damage strength
  • Consumption: halves consumption of consumable modules
  • Destruction: doubles outgoing damage to destructibles, systems and constructs
  • Might: doubles overcharge duration
  • Balance: increases all regeneration depending on current benefits
  • Research: doubles research gain
  • Interconnection: halves negative sociality regeneration and doubles positive sociality regeneration
  • Energy: halves negative energy regeneration and doubles positive energy regeneration
  • Cooling: doubles cooling
  • Utility: halves incoming shocking duration and doubles outgoing shocking duration
  • Exploration: doubles maximum speed
  • Defense: doubles plating
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